Thank you for visiting WPMondo and if you are here on the About page, you might want to know a little bit more about the project.

I’m Patricia BT, and work with WordPress since 2013. Over the years, I tried so many different plugins, read so many news that I wanted a central place to find everything from the same hub.

I created what I would have liked to find some years ago

The 3rd party news are linked directly to their sources, while the WPMondo news are obviously here.

This project just opened and much more content is going to be added soon

  • interviews, they will be posted on WPMondo youtube channel and embedded here (2 are already in edition)
  • directory of “who’s who and does what?” (contributors, developers, organisers, etc)
  • listing of WordPress events
  • listing of useful tools
  • exclusive deals on premium products

The content is going to be multilingual.

I’m looking forward to hear about any other idea you would want to be featured here, please contact me

Note: this project is part of my network of sites, contributes to my income, so you will find affiliate links and special promotions in the content. Read more on the disclaimer page.